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I am endorsing both you as a physician and injection therapy as a joint treatment. I have been struggling with lower back pain for roughly 19 years. The last three years have arguably been the most difficult. I have seen multiple orthopaedists, pain-management physicians, and had numerous x-rays, CT scans and MRIs on my back, yet was not able to find any measurable relief…until I became your patient.

With your treatment recommendations, the pain level in my sacroiliac joint and lower back has become manageable, whereas previous treatments failed. The treatment program took a few months to realize any results, but you were consistent in your declarations of such. Around the seventh month, the intensity of sharp, acute pain felt in my lower back tended to decrease and continued doing so throughout the remainder of the treatment plan. As of now, the pain level has decreased to a point where normal physical activities are no longer avoided. Some pain is still present but not to the degree it was before the treatment.

Lastly, I want to commend the staff at your office. While I cannot recall the names of the ladies at the front desk, they were always cordial and prompt when I entered the clinic. Your nurse, Gabrielle, was not only professional; she was also a nice lady who shared stories about her family with me on a couple of occasions. Your surgical/radiology assistant, Jody, was compassionate during and after the procedures, and also shared stories with me at times. These interpersonal encounters with you and your staff provided substance and a milieu of easiness to the clinical/surgical experience – one which has been a dry and glib experience in previous doctor visits for me.

Thank you for the time and expertise you have provided me. Your skills as a surgeon, the interpersonal skills demonstrated by you and your staff, and the accurate information regarding my treatment plan have led me to recommend your services to others struggling with chronic back pain.


I want to update you on my running. As you may remember, the last time I saw you, I was in training for a Half Marathon. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, or at what point I might not be able to push any more.

Well, I want you to know that I ran (with some walking) the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon that was in downtown St. Louis almost two weeks ago. I ran the 13.1 miles in 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 14 seconds. I did it!

The training was difficult, with the heat and humidity of the summer, on top of just running more than I’ve ever imagined. Sometimes I’d have breathing issues and would slow down to a walk while I got my breathing under control. About 12 weeks into the training, I developed a pain in my rear end which would radiate down. I think it’s my periformis. I could run through it, though, it wasn’t debilitating. My knees, though, were not a problem.

In the actual Half Marathon, at about mile 6, my periformis began to act up and at mile 10, I got a cramp in my calf, but walking for a little while helped both and I was able to run the rest of the race.

Because of needing to run more than ever, I didn’t bike quite as regularly this summer and fall. There’s only so much time and my body can only do so much.

Since I don’t have any appointments with you at the moment, I thought I’d drop you a note letting you know that I did complete the Half Marathon. Hope you’ve had time to bike and are still enjoying it.


Dear Dr. Suthar: During this week of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing with you that we continually give thanks for your skill and compassion, and for restoring my husbands health. He was actually able to paint several bedrooms for little grandchildren-we will never take these simple activities for granted again! He is able to go to the gym almost daily and we are forever in your debt. Thank you for helping those in need with the gifts God blessed you with. K&R C.

I became a patient of Dr. Suthar’s around eighteen months after a tripping incident that resulted in a severe lateral ankle sprain and a posterior peroneal tendon tear in my right foot. My injuries were causing further damage and unrelenting pain.

In the last four months, I have been getting injections for tendon damage, ligament, and soft tissue damage as well as plantar fasciitis. My results have been miraculous. I can now play with my grandchildren and go about the business of being myself again. I still have some healing to take place. Nothing happens over night. You have to respect the process and follow through to completion.

I can not tell you the injections are painless, especially in the bottom of your feet, but the results are worth some pain in order to relieve what could be life long pain.

Dr. Suthar uses the finest needle possible and is always professional and compassionate.

There is some pain from soreness the first few days after injections, but this decreases with time.

I am truly walking in his grace.

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Diane B


I am a seventy year old and after four back surgeries, I still suffer with chronic back pain in my back and legs. I went to many doctors trying to get relief after my surgeries with no results.

I think their thought was I had too many surgeries. With that in mind, they did not seem to be that concerned. Most doctors told me I had to learn to live with it. In time my health had deteriorate both mentally and physically and I just seemed to just give up. Then one day my sister-in-law told me about Dr. Suthar and that a colleague from her work had a very serious accident and after years of his being out of work, went to see Dr. Suthar. With great results, he was able to return to his job.

To keep peace with my sister-in-law I decided to try him. I was amazed by his interest in helping me. After a thorough exam and studying my Ex-rays, MRI and medical records, he thought that he could help me.

After two visits, I had a quality of living I did not have for years. I felt like he saved my life. I have continued going to Dr. Suthar, and have recommended him to others and have had great results.

I have found that his assistant Mary Beth and his complete office staff are the most caring, compassionate and efficient staff I ever experienced.


I have been a patient at Dr. Suthar’s office for 10 years recieving Supartz knee treatments for osteoarthritis. This treatment has been a godsend for me. 

Great Doctor and great Staff!

Mary M.

I’m a Captain for a major US airline, and Dr. Manish Suthar quite simply has saved not only my well being, but also my career! Two and a half years ago, I was rough-housing with my toddler. While laying face down on the floor, my child jumped and landed with both knees in the middle of my back. I was quite sore for several days, but the pain disappeared. I went on with life as if nothing had happened.

About a month later, I laid down in bed one night and had a sudden onset of chest pain accompanied by muscle tightness, numbness, and tingling in my left arm and leg. I spent twenty-four hours in an Emergency Room only for the doctors not to find anything clinically wrong with me. This would be my story for the next eighteen months. I had suddenly lost the career I had spent decades building, as well as most of my ability to function normally in daily activities.

This is where my story gets frustrating. For more than a year, I bounced from one specialist to another. I had various body parts scanned and tested from head to toe. Doctors would order a test, and then simply dismiss me a month later when the test was negative, offering no further help or guidance. My primary physician had all but made up his mind that I was simply a hypochondriac who he wasn’t going to be able to help. I parted ways with my doctor and started looking for alternate routes.

I eventually found a Chiropractor who suspected all of my symptoms were being caused by the injury I sustained while playing with my child. He believed I had a rib joint near my spine that was damaged, and the massive inflammation surrounding the joint was causing all of my issues. He was right! For six months I lived on an icepack to reduce the inflammation while he attempted to keep the rib in place for my body to heal the joint. He was able to reduce my symptoms, but ultimately my body was never able to heal the rib joint on its own. A couple days of normal activity and I would flare back up and find myself back where I started. After my body failed to heal itself, my Chiropractor referred me to Dr. Manish Suthar.

When I met Dr. Suthar, I was immediately relieved to learn he is unlike every other doctor I had been exposed to. Quite simply, he not only listens… but he HEARS his patients. He was as invested in my health as I was. What a change from the rest of the medical community that would take thirty seconds to not really hear my story and then shuffle me off for another expensive test.

It was a slow process. He diligently worked with me for more than 12 months of injections, finding that I had ultimately sustained damage to three different rib joints. Sometimes it was two steps forward followed by two steps backwards, but he never quit on me. Every time I saw him, he met me with the same patience and ability to really hear and understand what I was saying about my body.

It has been a very long road, but today I am near the end of my recovery. Dr. Suthar has guided me to the top Physical Therapist in the St. Louis region. With both of their expertise, I am now close to a full recovery. I have regained the ability to step back into my life, and live it to its highest potential.

Dr. Suthar… THANK YOU!


I am writing this Testimonial about how my Life Has totally changed since I’ve been under the Medical care Of Dr Manish Suthar Pain Prevention Center and His Physician’s assistant Mary Beth Johnson.

It all started back in 2006 when I was feeling some intense discomfort in my back.My personal Physician had me take X-Rays and I was diagnosed with a Bulging Disc at my L-3 and osteo-arthritis. I was instructed to take ibuprofen and just consider it a part of growing older.

August of 2010, I awakened one Saturday morning with a stiff neck. I attributed it to sleeping funny on my neck. Day by day, the pain became worse. About 2 weeks later I was in so much pain I considered going to the Emergency room. I waited until the next morning and called my Primary Care Physician who set up a Cat Scan with contrast…I was diagnosed as having degenerative disc disease..My C2 through C7 was losing it’s padding between the disc& nerves..I was in incredible PAIN!

I was then instructed to have an MRI which I setup immediately.My Primary sent me to a neurologist who explained to me my condition and that I was not,at the current time a candidate for surgery.I was given a prescription Physical Therapy.

Over the next 7 months This process continued but my PAIN became totally unbareable.I was suffering from Depression and Anxiety. My Business, as a Sales person became next to impossible due to the PAIN!!!! My family said I was not the same person..I was easily agitated & frustrated. I was in such constant Pain
that I just can’t describe in words…..

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Manish Suthar Of Pain Management Center. My first appointment was on March 8th 2011..I met Dr Suthar and his Physician’s Assistant Mary Beth Johnson…I could tell from my first consultation that I came to the right place.

Dr. Suthar requested additional MRI’s, X-Rays & other tests because I had more going on internally than any other Physician was willing to take the time to really hear how much PAIN I was in and how I was truly suffering.Their bedside manner and caring was truly heart felt.They made me feel that I mattered.

They laid out a plan of Pain Management that consisted of the right combination of Cortisone Injections, Physical Therapy, prescribed a Tens unit that I use every evening plus the right regiment of Medications that treated all my Pain from Head to toe.

I am here to share with you my experience as truly positive. I have not felt this GOOD in a long time. My Family says that I am back, I’m my old happy go lucky self again..Back to being a good husband & a loving Father. My friends are enjoying my return..My Business Production in Sales has soared because I am not in the unbearable PAIN that I was under before. As a matter of fact I danced like I’ve never danced at my daughter’s wedding on September 3, 2011. This was all made possible By Dr. Suthar and Mary Beth.

Dr Suthar and Mary Beth are highly recommended if you want your life back and relief from PAIN. When others just don’t understand because they are not living in your body they do.

I hope to continue my Pain Management Program because in my eyes they have truly given me my LIFE back.

Best wishes to Dr. Suthar, Mary Beth Johnson and his entire staff for what they have done for me.

Thank You again,

With the Warmest Personal Regards, I Remain Very Truly Yours,
Salvatore F.

Salvatore F

No Pain! Great Joy and Gratitude!

Dr. Suthar, I cannot thank you enough for performing the RFA on me. This effort is the single greatest boost to my quality of life in 15 years. I didn’t know how much pain I was walking around with until it ended. Life had turned into a chore and even getting up in the morning was challenging. Now, I am 90% pain free in BOTH shoulders and I have not had the terrible neck pain that would reach up into my ears and side of the head for 25 days and you sait it would take 30 to really work! I am looking forward to swimming laps again. I took myself off pain medications and tylenol/advil regime!!!

Melanie W.

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