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Spinal Sugery

At the Pain Prevention Center, we aim to provide our patients with all treatment options including surgery. Although we will explore all non-surgical treatment options, we believe our patients should also have the choice to consider a surgical solution if one is available.  Our Doctors have numerous connections with the best surgeons affiliated with all the major Hospital systems in the area.

There are many different types of surgery for the spine. The type of surgery performed is dependent on many factors including:  Spinal condition, age, general health, severity of the problem, number of levels involved, smoking history, weight, prior surgical history and other factors. In most situations, there are two types of spinal surgery.  Surgery without the use of any hardware (screws, plates, rods) and surgery that requires hardware.  Spinal surgery without hardware is usually preformed by removing a small piece of bone (laminectomy) or small piece of disc material (disectomy). These types of surgery usually are less invasive and patients often recover faster. A spinal fusion, which often requires the use of hardware, is considered a more invasive surgery. Most patients require a longer time for recovery and should consider the long-term effects of such a surgery.

In general, we recommend surgery if patients meet the following requirements:

  • Persistent pain that does not respond to conservative treatments.
  • Neurological injury that continues despite time and non-surgical treatments.
  • MRI and/or other diagnositics that define a clear operable lesion.

If surgery is considered, we often recommend getting at least 2 surgical opionions. If needed please consult with our Physicians for appropriate surgcial referrals.



Spinal Fusion

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