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N3,5,7 EB-N3 DR, EB-N5 DR, EB-N7: Vascular and Neuropathic Conditions

  •      DPN  Pathophysiology of Peripheral Neuropathy
  •      Data  Metabolic effect of Medical Foods; Data analysis
  •      NIH  NIH Manuscript

EB-C3 EB-C3 DR: Cognitive Disorders

EB-P1 EB-P1 DR: Mood Disorders (Depression/Anxiety)

  •      Data  Pathophysiology of Mood Disorders and proposed metabolic effect of Medical Foods.

EB-S4 EB-S4: Bone and Musculoskeletal

EB-H4 EB-H4: Migraine Headaches

EB-A7 EB-A7 DR: Arthritis/Joint Pain

  •      Data  Metabolic effect on pain and inflammation

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