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  • 60-90% lifetime incidence: 20% annual prevalence
  • 10 million Americans suffer an attack of low back pain annually
  • Second most common reason for physician visits
  • 1% of the US population chronically and 1% temporarily disabled
  • 2% of American workers have a work-related LB injury
  • Most common disability < 45 years
  • In the US 90% of low back pain is work/trauma related
  • Second most common cause lost work time
  • 24 (medical) and 50 billion (total in societal costs/year)

Various reports in the literature place the lifetime incidence at 60-90%, with the annual incidence of approximately 20% of the population. Some experts believe as our lifestyles have become more and more “lazier” we are becoming more prone to low back conditions. It can be acute or chronic.┬áIt can be so minor that it doesn’t require formal treatment or so severe and complex that it can devastate a patient’s entire life.

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