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What is Eco AI?

EcoAI® is the first FDA-approved, non-drug electroceutical treatment for acute and chronic pain controlled using a smart phone and the NXTSTIM EcoAI app using AIML™ (Artificial Intelligent Machine Learning) technology. EcoAI is far more than the tradtional TENS unit.

The Science Behind TENS

TENS is a safe and proven method of treating pain that is non-invasive and doesn’t interfere with medications. The traditional TENS device sends comfortable impulses through the skin that stimulate the nerve(s) in that region. This stimulation will greatly reduce or eliminate the pain signals you feel by reducing the original pain message sent to the brain. It is also believed the TENS unit helps to release natural endorphins which are the body’s own pain chemicals. The TENS unit is a proven and useful device for treating pain for many patients. The EcoAI is a modern technically advanced learning machine built upon the science of TENS.

Eco AI Personalized Care

NXTSTIM has developed EcoAI to set a new standard in digital health utilizing our proprietary AIML technology. This digital platform uses iPhone and Android systems to create a new, first-of-its-kind, level of connection between patients and their physicians. EcoAI delivers continuous data and patient-reported feedback to facilitate care, outcomes, and satisfaction while delivering personalized neurostimulation therapy.

Personalized Care and Monitoring Support

EcoAI is a therapy and monitoring system to help you and your wellness team to deliver pre- and post pain reduction experiences to qualified patients. To use EcoAI, patients must have a compatible iPhone or Android Smartphone. 

  • The World’s First FDA Approved Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AIML)Neuromodulation Device capable of Remote Patient Monitoring.
  • Encrypted messaging allows physicians and wellness teams to easily connect with patientsthroughout activities of daily living.
  • Timely, easy to follow education available in-app reduces the traditional overload of paper process.
How Large is the NXTSTIM device?

The unit is about the size of an “oreo cookie”.  Unlike traditional TENS units, the NXTSTIM EcoAI is wireless and connects to your phone via bluetooth technology. There are numerous programs to relieve pain, strengthen and relax muscles.  Each program allows the user to adjust the intensity and frequency of treatments.

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