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SCHEDULING FAQS                        

Why do I need to complete this long history form?
We realize that completing a history form is very lengthy; however, it is vital that you complete the history form as completely as possible. We prefer that you complete the history by the patient portal. When you call to make an appointment, we will forward a secure link to your email to complete the history online. The information completed is safely secured on our server and will provide our Doctors to understand your condition better.  Within these questions, there are very important hidden questions to help rule out serious conditions such as cancer, fractures, infections and other concerns.

Why do I need to bring the actual MRI or X-ray films?
Although a radiologist will provide an official report on MRI and X-ray films, Dr. Suthar prefers to review the films himself and come to his own conclusions.  The Doctors at Pain Prevention and Rehabilitation will review the official report and combine it with their own assessment(s).

What if I do not have any insurance?
Please contact our office manager for discounted fees for your visit. Typically,  the largest expense would probably be with diagnostic (x-rays, MRI's) and treatments (physical therapy) that may be necessary.

Is the Doctor a provider for my insurance?
Dr.  Manish Suthar is a provider for most insurance plans. However, it is impossible for our office to guarantee that your specific insurance plan is accepted. Please check with your insurance provider to make certain that we are a provider for your insurance.

Is Medicare or Medicaid accepted?
Medicare is accepted, however Medicaid is not.

Can I get medications before seeing the doctor?
No.  Without having any background medical information it would not be appropriate nor safe to begin treatment. If temporary care is required please consider treatment with your primary care physician or urgent care centers. We can provide you with urgent care centers we often recommend.

What if I miss my appointment or need to reschedule?
Please contact our office as quickly as possible, preferably 48 hours prior to the appointment time and date.   We have many patients who are in need for an earlier appointment, and by calling our office early we can help treat those in need. We will do our best to reschedule your appointment in a timely manner, but it is not uncommon to have our appointments being scheduled out 3-4 weeks.  We have adopted a “no-show” policy to prevent missed appointments.

What if I need surgery?
Dr. Suthar works closely with several prominent orthopaedic surgeons, including spine surgeons and can help make a referral when appropriate.   Before surgery is considered, Dr. Suthar will provide and review with you all non-surgical treatment options.

How do I complete my history?
Our patient portal (online) is the best method to complete your history and necessary documents. We would strongly recommend that you complete this form before your appointment time and date. At our office, we will have alternative methods to complete the forms, but those will be more time-consuming and may require that you arrive 1 hour before your appointment time.