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 CONTACT US       


13710 Olive Boulevard (Primary Office)
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Telephone: 314-469-PAIN (7246)

Fax: 314-469-7251
Exchange: 314-441-6965 (for after-hour Emergencies Only)

Monday thru Friday 
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

The Pain Prevention & Rehabilitation Center is conveniently located at the newly completed 141 interstate and Olive Blvd. We are 4 miles West from our old location on the BJC-West County campus. Please note our office has moved. We are located on the same side as the Brunswick Bowling alley next to McArthur's Bakery. Our phone number is the same along with our website.

Dr. Manish Suthar and MaryBeth Johnson have office hours Monday - Friday at our main office location in Chesterfield, west of 141 on Olive Blvd. On Monday afternoon only, Dr. Suthar travels to Des Peres Square Surgery Center which is located at the South-West corner of Highway 270 and Manchester road. All questions should be directed to the following contact information located on our Main Campus.



Dr. Manish Suthar travels to the Des Peres Square Surgery Center on Monday afternoon’s to perform spinal procedures. The contact information for the Des Peres Square Surgery Center is different than the main office located in Chesterfield.  Please scroll down for further information and map.  The Des Peres Square Surgery Center is licensed by the State of Missouri, has "state of the art" equipment and Medical Staff. This center is owned by USPI and physicians and is a center for multiple different specialists with numerous treatment options.  Des Peres Square Surgery Center is located 15 minutes from Dr. Suthar's primary office in Chesterfield.

The Des Peres Square Surgery Center, just off Manchester road and Highway 270, is located near several local hospitals. Address: 1050 Old Des Peres Road, Suite 150 St. Louis, Missouri 63131-1865. Please note that this center is located on the opposite side of Highway 270 from the West County Mall.

The Des Peres Square Surgery Center has 2 operating rooms, 2 treatment/procedure rooms, and a 6-bed pre/post operative area....all professionally furnished and equipped with the highest quality furnishings, supplies and equipment.

Phone: 314-569-2918
Fax: 314-569-9473

1050 Old Des Peres Road, Suite 150 St. Louis, Missouri 63131-1865

Our primary office is located about 4 miles West on Olive Boulevard from our previous location on the BJC-West campus. From the intersection of the interstate 141 and Olive blvd intersection, the office is on Olive blvd. about 1 mile west from 141. It is located on the South side of Olive Blvd. Look for the Brunswick bowling alley and the McArthurs bakery. Please turn left at the street light on River Valley Drive and Olive Blvd.

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